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"...learn how to make over over $100,000 a year with email marketing. I know that tons of emails you get (and websites you visit), make claims like that, but nearly all of them are hyped up garbage. This is the real thing. And I guarantee that if you follow half of what you learn here it WILL work for you. Jimmy really is an email marketing genius."

-- Phil Wiley
All The Secrets

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From the Computer of Jimmy D.Brown
Tuesday, 1:31 PM,
RE: Email Strategies Explained...for YOU!

Dear Web Marketer,

When the "internet stalker" showed up at the front door of my home in tiny Manila, Arkansas, I had no idea what was about to happen.

I mean, I was thinking "who is this guy?" and "how can I make him go away?"

I'm glad I didn't figure out a way to get rid of Joel Christopher. Because he made a challenge to me that day that is going to end up making YOUa lot of money.

Let me explain.

Joel called me on the telephone -- how he got my number, I'm still not sure -- and told me he would be in Memphis, Tennessee for a workshop and wanted to drive over to interview me. I reluctantly agreed, half-thinking that he wouldn't show up.

He did.

And he convinced me to do a LIVE teleseminar on email marketing. You see, for more than the past year I have been quietly using a system I stumbled upon and fine-tuned for using email marketing for my business. These secret methods have been directly responsible for making me a small fortune online.

I'm not talking about some new "fad" method for email marketing, I'm talking about methods that work again and again and again and will most likely continue making me tons of profits for the next 10 years and beyond.

I continue to grow my opt-in lists by the thousands every month -- and I couldn't stop the new subscribers from coming in even if I wanted to!

And Joel wanted me to share *exactly* how I did all that. So, here's what happened...

We Recorded An 8-Hours LIVE Email Marketing Strategies Teleseminar And I Shared Every Single Thing I Know About Building and Profiting FromLists

I mean everything. Ideas so fresh and inventive that even gurus like Marlon Sanders, Phil Wiley and Paul Myers were taking notes like crazy.

Everything you could possibly need to know about email marketing is revealed to you in a simple, doable, step-by-step system that anyone can follow. Things like...

  • How to use email marketing to build your entire online business and pull in a six-figure income every year through your lists!

  • An easy way to automatically build multiple lead lists at the same time with a one-time (easy) setup!

  • How to generate much more income from a teensy-tinsy list -- turn a list of under 500 into a huge profit-making machine!

  • A sure-fire way of selling more of ANY product to your list members that you can begin using within 5 minutes!

  • The #1 mistake most folks are making with email marketing (nope, I'm not even talking about SPAM) and it is costing them THOUSANDS every month -- or, how YOU can earn thousands more by avoiding this mistake!

  • How to quickly build highly profitable lists that bring in profits around-the-clock without any additional effort from you. NOTE: Email marketing is MUCH MORE than just a newsletter.

  • Dozens of profit-generating ideas you can begin using immediately after listening to the cassettes...many of which I *guarantee* you've never even thought of.

Let me be perfectly clear about something here. When I say "8-hours" of strategies, I mean exactly what I say. There's no time wasted spent on nonsense that won't help you. We're talking "nothing but meat." I challenge you to find even 45 seconds of wasted space in this home-study course.

That's one of the things that respected internet marketer John Reese noticed...

"Thank you so much for being "different" from many other marketers and giving me much more than I ever expected"


I will be perfectly honest with you. I thought your "8-Hour" course would be full of "filler" and a lot of, well, "talk." But I was still curious to hear what you had to say and thought I'd give you a shot -- and, hey, you can't blame me for being a little skeptical. Afterall, EIGHT HOURS is a very very long time to talk about anything.

But once I started listening to you talk, I was absolutely blown away from the very first words that came out of your mouth -- and I stayed attentive, and even EXCITED, all the way until your last words! Wow.

If I were to say you "overdelivered" even that would be understatement. I cannot thank you enough for sharing all of the "inside" information that you did. You really put it all on the line and shared some priceless information and strategies that you have been using to make money online yourself -- not just "theory" or what you "thought" would work. You taught me tons of little, simple techniques that anyone can apply to INSTANTLY make their online efforts more profitable.

No matter what stage someone is at with their online marketing, whether they are just getting started or already making a lot of money, I cannot recommend your Email Marketing course enough. Anyone that gets your course will find so many techniques they can apply today it's not even funny. Thank you so much for being "different" from many other marketers and giving me much more than I ever expected.

-- John Reese
Orlando, Florida

You'll discover 8-hours (and I really mean 8-hours!) of rock-solid information that is immediately usable. That's right, you can USE this information to build a wildly profitable business through email marketing. As you listen to these 8 sessions, I'll give you *everything* you need in order to earn some serious cash with email.

Listen, I'm not kidding here...

"Nothing is Left For You to 'Figure Out', You'll Discover The FULL PLAN
-- Every Single Detail Thoroughly Explained For You"

This is the "good stuff."

  • Nothing that is outdated.

  • Nothing that never worked in the first place.

  • Nothing that is common knowledge.

This information is not something you will find ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD -- Guaranteed. Even the top marketing gurus on the planet are not using all of my secret strategies.

During these eight audio sessions, here's what you're going to learn...

Discover How To Quickly Build Enormous Opt-In Lists Of
Eager Beaver Subscribers That Join 24/7 -- Automatically

We're going to kick off the 8 audio sessions in style by explaining my favorite list-building strategies. In sessions 1 and 2, you'll find both the "basic" and "advanced" strategies for generating more subscribers to your lists.

Here are just a few of the things we'll be discovering together in this first two-hour session...

  • An exclusive 4-part email marketing strategy for earning $100,000+ via email marketing that is ONLY taught by Jimmy D. Brown and is not available anywhere else in the world!

  • 5 success keys that you MUST use in order build wildly profitable lists that automatically bring in income for you and automatically continue to grow!

  • How to build *tightly targeted* (a buzz phrase you'll soon learn to love!) lists of under 100 subscribers that can bring in thousands every month!

  • How to create a viral marketing LIST (nope, not a viral marketing eBook) that spreads all over the web -- bringing you in more and more subscribers wherever it goes!

  • 13 "basic" list-building strategies that you can begin using immediately -- many of which can be implemented in just a few minutes of easy work!

  • 8 "advanced" list-building strategies to *really* turbocharge your lists, including several that can bring in THOUSANDS of new subscribers in less than 2 weeks!

  • So many list-building ideas (that work!) you'll be shaking your head wondering "Which one of these great ideas should I use first!"

These are just a FEW of the things we'll be covering during the first couple of audio sessions.

"These tapes totally blew me away!"

"These tapes totally blew me away! I thought I knew a bit about email marketing, but Jimmy's tapes put me in place real quick. His "D.E.E.P" concept makes it easy for me to remember exactly what to do and when to do it.

If you are brand new person to the Internet or a Seasoned Pro, you need these tapes. Your business needs these tapes."

-- Armand Morin, Software Developer GoGenerator.com

I'm just going to shoot straight with you -- I GUARANTEE if you put just some of these list-building strategies into action YOU WILL build highly profitable lists that will earn you income month after month after month. Imagine what would happen if you dared to use them all!

But, that's just the LIST BUILDING STRATEGIES portion of the 8-hour home study course!

There's much more...

Learn 16 Ways To Generate Income From Your Lists So Profits
Roll In Every Single Day Of The Month On Remote Control

This is the part ya love! The "earning-a-profit" part of email marketing. And I'm going to give you a dozen or so ways to earn income from your lists -- bet you didn't know there were that many, huh?

I'll give you the INs and OUTs of how to actually earn the six-figure income from the lists you build. You'll learn...

  • 16 strategies for generating income from your lists -- and specific ideas for how to use them right now!

  • A simple, 5-step system for earning EVER-GROWING profits every single month from your lists, and how to get them to grow on their own!

  • The #1, without question, BEST way to earn INSTANT income with your lists that you absolutely cannot live without! (NOTE: If you aren't doing this, then you are definitely wasting money)

  • 4 ways to combine affiliate marketing and your lists to earn large commissions that keep coming in like clockwork!

  • How to actually turn your list members into active marketers of YOUR business without even trying! NOTE: They won't even know they're doing it -- but they'll love you for it in the end!

  • 5 easy ways to find advertisers who'll place classified ads in your newsletters, and the BEST way to make those ads EFFECTIVE so they'll advertise with you over and over again!

  • A "sneaky" idea that I use (and you can too!) to pull in more profits from my lists. This one is soooo easy -- takes just a few minutes to setup...but brings in enormous profits!

  • The bottom line answer to "how can I make money from my lists?" You'll learn *exactly* how to profit from your lists on remote control. NOTE: I bring in thousands of dollars in profits every month without ever doing a single thing (I don't even send out a mailing to earn this income!). You'll learn how to set up your own automated income system!

Basically, we're gonna cover HOW TO MAKE MONEY with email marketing. I'm telling you the truth here, you can earn THOUSANDS of dollars in profits from a list of under 500 folks IF you know the right formula.

And you will know it (heck, you'll be able to QUOTE it!) after listening to audio sessions 3 and 4.

"I am forever grateful!"

"This teleseminar has been the most informative, compelling, thoroughly attention grabbing, and worth every penny of the admission price I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I strongly encourage this course be taken whenever the opportunity presents itself. My heartfelt thanks to you for inviting me to attend. I am forever grateful!"

-- Samuel Bates

"All I can say is WOW!"

"For lack of a better word, all I can say is WOW! I was completely blown away. The whole seminar started out great, and just got better and better! This is truly the best investment I have made so far in my online business. Thank you very much."

-- Jennifer Davis

And we're just halfway finished!

What else is there?

Let's find out...

You'll Also Discover How To Generate More Leads, Sales and Profits
From EVERY Email That You Send Out To A List...

Each session is going to get better and better. I can assure you that. And by the end of audio sessions 5 and 6, you'll be dreaming about email marketing! :o)

As we discuss "email conversion strategies," I'm going to give you an informative look at generating MORE leads, sales and profits (I.E. Results!) from EVERY email that you send out to a list.

Whether it's a newsletter artice, or a solo mailing or an eCourse (or anything else), you're going to begin seeing MORE results. Follow these simple ideas and it will be impossible for you to not improve your response ratio dramatically.

You'll find some really cool stuff here. Things like...

  • How to get MORE responses to your offers than ever before, including unique ideas for getting more of your subscribers to BUY from you!

  • 3 incredibly simple, but outrageously powerful, keys to virtually guaranteeing your email messages are actually read by those you send them to!

  • A unique, 3-step system for writing irresistible email SUBJECT lines that practically force folks to take a look at your message!

  • A sure-fire formula for getting your list members to read EVERY WORD of your email message from start to finish! (HINT: If they don't read it, they ain't gonna buy a thing) You'll discover 2 simple things that will cause subscribers to hang on your every word!

  • The 3 absolute, without question, you-gotta-have-them parts to EVERY email you send out in order to produce mind-boggling results!

  • How to close with a darn-near-impossible-to-refuse call to action, making it easier to say "yes" to your offer than to say "no"!

  • Specific examples of how to generate MORE profits (a higher number of folks who purchase your offers) from your newsletter, eCourse, solo mailings (either to your list or to another publisher's list) and any other mailing you do. You'll discover HOW to get more folks to spend money with you!

Here's the deal. Audios 1 and 2 let you know how to build lists. Audios 3 and 4 show you how to sell to your lists. Audios 5 and 6 show you how to convert more of your subscribers into customers.

I've always said that one of the formulas online is subscriber=future customer.

During audios 5 and 6, you'll find out how to convert more subscribers into customers.

"This information is invaluable!"

"I can't thank you enough for putting together this course with Jimmy Brown. I've been in business online for five years, but I took over 20 pages of notes - with action items galore! This information is invaluable!"

-- Jeanette Cates

"I especially loved your step by step instructions"

"I just wanted to thank you for a GREAT teleseminar. I have learned more about Email Marketing Strategies in 10 hours, than I have in the 2 1/2 years I have been online. I especially loved your step by step instructions on writing an e-course...that in itself was worth every penny. I know once I implement these techinques, it will improve my business."

-- Suzanne Cavataio

And I've saved the best for last...

Several Little-Known Email Marketing "Techniques" That Generate MASSIVEProfits -- Day-After-Day, Month-After-Month!

We're going to finish things out with a huge bang! It's time to get to the stuff that no one else wants to tell you. I've got some absolutely great strategies to share with you -- some of which you won't find anywhere else online!

The last two sessions (audios 7 and 8) are going to be the best of the bunch. Stuff that will take your email marketing to the highest level of profit...

...no matter who you are!

  • A simple formula (that VERY FEW folks know how to use!) that actually uses email marketing to PREBUILD a hungry list of customers all waiting to buy from YOU!

  • 5 "Thirty-Second" ideas for selling more of ANY product or service that are darn effective and really can be setup in just half a minute!

  • How ONE LIST of UNDER 300 SUBSCRIBERS earns me $7,000 a month...and, more importantly, how YOU can setup your own "super" lists. I'll even give you half a dozen ideas you can begin building RIGHT NOW.

  • How to get dozens, even hundreds or thousands, of OTHER PEOPLE actively promoting your newsletter for you at ZERO COST to you, and without you having to return the favor in any way!

  • 12 tiny changes you can make to your marketing that will automatically bring in more leads, sales and profits beginning this afternoon!

  • How to use email the SMART way to save you time and effort!

  • How to build an eCourse in less than an hour that pulls in profits on remote control, and how to begin getting new subscribers for it within minutes of finishing it up!

  • A unique idea for building multiple streams of income via email with one completely free tool you can setup in less than 5 minutes from now!

  • How to setup newsletters that work by themselves without any additional work on your part -- build relationships, share content, and produce profits while you're playing golf, shopping or on vacation!

  • 5 ideas for turning list members into active marketers of your business and setting off an explosive viral marketing campaign!

  • How to write compelling followup messages with my 5-step, easy-to-understand system that will get 'em buying from YOU!

  • Simple ideas for selling more while working less. You'll discover the power to persuade with your email messages!

  • How to use pay-per-click search engines to effectively build your lists and earn great profits from only pennies of investment!

  • The best way to give away your eCourse or free report to not only grab new subscribers, but also earn instant profit!

  • 3 absolutely mind-boggling ideas that I GUARANTEE will skyrocket your lists and profits within the next 90 days. NOTE: If you put these to use, then it is IMPOSSIBLE not to add thousands of new subscribers and earn thousands of extra profits!

Do you see what I mean by "saving the best for last"? We're going out with a huge bang. It's going to be an incredible climax to the training workshop.

I'm going to tell you the honest truth here: the last two audio sessions in this home study course alone are worth the cost of the entire set. It's going to be unbelievable!

Learn How To Skyrocket The Growth Of Your
Lists And PROFIT -- As Soon As Next Week!

The information that you'll be receiving is kind of hard to put a price tag on. I mean, how much is the Statue of Liberty worth? Or, the Grand Canyon? Or, your best friend?

There are just some things you can't really put a price on because...

...they're priceless!

This home study course is one of those rare things in life that is just too valuable to really say what it's "worth."

Joel initially suggested we price the course at $400, which would be a 90% discount off my normal $500/hour consulting rates. I thought that sounded fair since I would have to charge someone about $4,000 for 8 hours of my consulting time.

But after much consideration, I wanted to make this home study course as affordable as possible, but at the same time I didn?t want to price it too cheaply so ?everyone? would have my extremely valuable email marketing strategies that continue to make me a small fortune everyday -- and probably will continue to do so for the next 10 years and beyond.

I finally arrived at the price of $297 for the entire 8-Hour Home Study Course. Considering it would only take one tiny successful email campaign to make back this small investment, I think this is a very fair price. So your entire investment is only $297 to learn my highly successful email marketing strategies that can EXPLODE your business as soon as you learn and start using them.

Download the Audio Files Immediately After
You Order + Receive a FREE Cassette Set...

No waiting around for access to this information! Instead, you'll be able to immediately access the entire eight hours of audio online. That's right, you will gain instant access to the digital recordings of the entire course as soon as you place your order.

In fact, you've got two ways to access...

  • Downloadable Audio. You will immediately be directed to a private, password protected download site where you can actually download all 8 hours of the audio files onto your own computer in Real Audio format. Listen to the files anytime you want with the FREE Real Player.

  • Streaming Audio. And if you don't want to download everything to your computer, you can listen to the files in streaming audio right from your computer. Just click on our special links and listen to the recordings from our website without downloading a thing.

And for a limited time only, as a bonus for purchasing the digital audio recordings, I'll give you a FREE set of the entire home study course on 8 audio cassettes delivered straight to your home. (A $397.00 value...yours FREE!)

This is limited to the stock that I currently have and is a free gift to those who order the downloadable audio files while supplies last.

Order Today and Receive 3 Free Bonuses -- And We're Not Talking About Some Cheap Freebie eBooks...

If you order Email Strategies Explained today, you'll also receive 3 free bonuses. And when I say "bonus", I mean just that. These are some very special items that I am including as my way of saying"thanks" for ordering the home study course. They ARE NOT some cheap eBooks that you can find free anywhere online, thrown in as a last ditch effort to get you to buy.

These are valuable products and services that you'll actually use and find benefit from...

1. FREE Gift #1: 8-Cassette Set in Premium Album ($397.00 Value) I mentioned this already, but it's definitely worth repeating. For as long as my current stock holds out, I'm giving away a FREE set of the entire Email Strategies Explained home study course on audio cassette. Order today and you'll receive 8 audio cassettes in a premium stock album delivered straight to your door at no additional cost. Shipping included!

2. FREE Gift #2: ny movers 6-Months Free Membership ($90.00 value) You'll also receive a free 6-month membership to My Lead Center. With your My Lead Center membership you'll access...

  • Twenty-five (yep, that's 25!) autoresponder accounts with a 52 message follow-up capability.Each account has a 52 follow-up message capability, personalization, IP verification (to prevent SPAM accusations), automated subscribe / unsubscribe, one-touch bulk mailings, import / export, email capture forms and every other imaginable feature.

  • Twenty-five (you read that correctly, 25!) mailing list accounts with unlimited subscribers. Each of your mailing list accounts will have personalization, IP verification (to prevent SPAM accusations), automated subscribe / unsubscribe, one-touch bulk mailings, import / export, email capture forms and every other imaginable feature.

  • Unlimited ad tracking for specialized linking. You'll also have the ability to setup as many unique tracking URLs as you want for unlimited ad tracking.

Click Here to find out all the details of this exciting site that you'll be receiving for free for six full months!

3. FREE Gift #3: 10 Unorthodox Yet Simple Techniques for Getting Thousands of New Subscribers Every Month... And as Many Leads as You Can Handle! ($24.97 value) PaulMyers, one of the sharpest guys I know, put together an incredible manual with some absolutely mind-boggling ways to build your lists.

The manual is only 36 pages in length, but it's a page turner. Paul shares 10 of the most productive, almost always overlooked, ways to build your lists online. Very simple stuff, but very few people are using these techniques. They are fresh and guaranteed to help you add as many new subscribers as you want.

I paid a nice bundle of cash to secure the reprint rights to this manual so I could include it as a bonus in this course. That's right -- I don't sell it elswhere, Ibought the rights to it soI could give it away to YOU for free when you order the home study course.

A few of the things that Paul shares are...

  • The 3 things you need to do before you ever start looking for subscribers. Simple, but not one publisher in 100 does them. Get them right, and you're ahead of the pack before you've even begun.

  • Why you should build a list even if you don't publish a newsletter.

  • Why so many people have trouble getting subscribers, and how to turn that around in a matter of days.You're probably going after the wrong subscribers. We'll show you how to pinpoint the perfect people for your offers, and get them to sign up in droves.

  • How the "old standard" promotional techniques can actually work against you, and why doing things differently can be the BEST thing you can do.

  • A simple strategy-building exercise that will guarantee that you get more of what you want, faster.

  • How to get into untapped markets. Your ezine may be the ONLY one those subscribers get on your subject, and why that's important.

  • How to get other people's affiliates to promote your ezine... and thank you for the chance. This technique alone can create hundreds of sources of new subscribers for you.

  • How to use controversy to bring in new subscribers by the thousands. And make friends on both sides!

  • A powerful technique that gets people to read even very long issues.

  • How to use your hobbies to generate subscribers, even if they're totally unrelated to the subject of your newsletter. Hey... Why not have fun while you're at it?

  • An easy technique that will get many more sites carrying your articles, and get many more of their visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • How to make a profit on your ezine even if you never publish an issue. Get paid for all your promotional efforts.

  • Why giving freebies can be the absolute worst thing you can do. And how to do them right.

  • A sure-fire way to get your existing subscribers to recruit for you. Not only does this start fast, it feeds on itself, getting bigger every month. And once it's set up, you don't have to do anything but watch it grow!

Again, these are completely FREEto you as bonuses if you order Email Strategies Explained today.

Your Money Back If You Do Not Skyrocket
Your Email Lists and Your Online Profits...

If you don't agree that this 8-hour audio home study course is worth every penny (and more!) you paid for them, I'll gladly refund your money with no questions asked.
  • You WILL build your email lists or you'll get your money back promptly!

  • You WILL earn tremendous profits from your lists or a refund will be issued!

  • You WILLdiscover powerful and profitable strategies for email marketing or you won't pay a thing!

The only thing left for you to do is to take action. Order Email Strategies Explained and get started building powerful and profitable lists today!

For a one-time fee of $297.00, you will be able to instantly download the digital audio files (over 8 hours of useful information you can apply immediately!) onto your own computer and begin learning NOW. (Plus access all of the bonuses and receive an 8-cassette audio set to your home)

Listen -- this home study course isn't for everyone. Only those who are willing to invest in their future will learn the secrets in this special set. Here's the deal: folks pay thousands of dollars for a college degree in order to find a job and pursue a career.

If you truly want to succeed online, you need your training and education. Email Strategies Explained will give you just that -- the specific information that you can use beginning today to build a prosperous future on the Internet.

So, here's to your success...

Order Now

Remember, you will be immediately taken to a
private site where you can download all of the digital
audio files for the course, and all of the bonus items!

Order today!

Best regards,
Jimmy D. Brown

P.S. Look at what just a *few* of the attendees of the "live" teleseminar are saying about the information you'll access on the 8 audio files...

"There were so many great ideas I just can't decide which was my favorite."

"I can't thank you enough for the information you revealed during the last 4 nights of Email Strategies Exposed! You laid it all out there. I have implemented at least one idea from each night in the emails I sent out this week. I have already seen an increase in responses to them. I think my favorite segment was "Your 10 Favorite Email Tips". No, it was "How To Write An E-Course". No,no I know it was your "Viral Marketing Ideas". There were so many great idea I just can't decide which was my favorite. What I can tell you is that I am getting responses that I didn't get before."

-- Debbie Langley

"The information, details and step procedures are clear, understandable, well structure, progressive and very comprehensive."

"I am still in shock from the awesome information I received. It will take me a while to assimilate the data and put it into practice, but it was a major download of info that I know I can use in my business. I took written notes and will continue to review them as I progress. The information, details and step by step procedures are clear, understandable, well structured, progressive and very comprehensive."

-- Bill Ulrich

"So many powerful strategies and they are all done with ethics and integrity in mind."

"Jimmy D. Brown was AWESOME!! Talk about being the "Terminator" of email strategies, Holy smokes..... Anyone who is serious about making money on the net needs to have this!! You can Quote me on that. So many powerful strategies and they are all done with ethics and integrity in mind." -

-- Sean P. McElhone

"...made everything very clear and gave me lots of new ideas."

"WOW! Jimmy, I can't believe you gave away so many secrets. After each lesson, I was buzzing with ideas and excitement. I am already implementing over 5 of your strategies and have plans for many more. I not only have more profit streams, but your tips have helped me give better service to my subscribers and customers. What I especially liked about your step by step lessons was that after you gave the tip or strategy you showed us how to use it and gave specific examples. It made everything very clear and gave me lots of new ideas. Joel asked you the right questions, so everything was covered. I can't thank you enough for giving your all in this course."

-- Cindy Jameson

"...my newsletter subscriber sign-ups has gone up 393%."

"Jim Brown, you're an awesome Internet teacher. This 8 hours spent with you and Joel was truly educational. I've already used the Big 3 and in 1 week my newsletter subscriber sign-ups has gone up 393%. Can you imagine what my business is going to be like when we use the rest of the step-by-step systems. I love what you said, "if you do as I tell you to do, you are guaranteed to make money every month". I believe you're magic as a teacher is in how you break down the steps to success into a system I can follow. Thanks, Jimmy. You're a true gentleman on the Internet."

-- Skip Stewart

"The information passed along was solid, no-nonsense and of infinite value."

"Thanks a whole bunch for that dynamite, knowledge-laden presentation in the internet marketing tele-bootcamp with Joel Christopher. The information passed along was solid, no-nonsense and of infinite value. You 'da man, Jimmy. Thanks for everything."

-- Clay Tudor

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